Pertamina president commisioner baski "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama (right) and also his mam Puput Nastiti Devi (center) welcome a baby boy at Bunda Hospital in Menteng, main Jakarta, ~ above Monday. The couple was checked out by former champa governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat (second right), City Council speaker Prasetio Edi marsudi (left) and councilor Ima Mahdiah (second right). ( Saiful Hidayat)

Politician-turned-Pertamina ketua commissioner basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama and his mam Puput Nastiti Devi invited a baby young on Monday.

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Puput offered birth come the infant boy, named Yosafat Abimanyu Purnama, in the early on hours the Monday in ~ Bunda Hospital in Menteng, main Jakarta.

Creative Economy agency head Triawan Munaf posted a photo of the couple’s child on his secara resmi Instagram account.

“Congratulations ~ above the bear of Yosafat Abimanyu Purnama, Pak BTP and Bu Puput,” Triawan created on the caption, in reference to the wanted moniker that the former champa governor.

Jakarta City Council pembicara and Indonesian autonomous Party of battle (PDI-P) politician Prasetyo Edi marsudi tweeted image of his visit come the hospital and congratulated the pair on the birth of Yosafat.

“My family and I pray the Yosafat may thrive up to be a rakyat who will carry out his parental and negara proud. Amen,” Prasetyo created in the tweet, together photos of that posing through Ahok, former sampanye deputy governor Djarot Syaiful Hidayat and Puput in a hospital room.

Members of the public have juga taken to masyarakat media to express anda joy over the birth of Yosafat.

“Welcome, baby young of
and Puput Nastiti Devi. Congratulations to the happy parents,” child psychologist Novita Tandry post on she Twitter account

Yosafat is Ahok’s fourth son and his first from his marriage with Puput, a previous police officer. He has three youngsters from his previous marital relationship with Veronica Tan. Ahok filed for divorce versus Veronica in 2018 and also was later on granted custody of anda two younger children.

Ahok was formerly married to Veronica Tan until anda divorce in April 2018. Puput as soon as served as Veronica’s aide.

He bound the knot through Puput top top Jan. 25 last year.

Neither Ahok nor his wife have released any resmi statement about the birth of anda son at the time of writing.

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Ahok was convicted of blasphemy during the 2016 champa gubernatorial gyeongju and served two year in prison.

He was released from prison in januari 2019. Ahok returned to the limelight terakhir November when State-Owned enterprises (SOEs) Minister erick Thohir appointed the the new ketua commissioner of state-owned power holding agency Pertamina. (rfa)

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