BBM for home windows Phone now easily accessible for downloading for every BBM for home windows phone love than sign up with the beta version programme early this month. The Blackberry messenger for windows Phone currently go live on windows phone store. The BBM for windows phone currently work typically like other tools like BBM for Nokia, BBM for Android etc.

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Before you deserve to download BBM for windows phone, you must have actually been registered together a Beta version member and in enhancement to maafkan saya you have to be expecting in the new BBM for home windows phone, here are some features;

BBID Setup and also Log-in (for Whitelisted BBIDs)Create BBM ProfileInvite a contact and suggested contact (people friend know)1-to-1 & Multi-person ChatContact CategoriesManage SettingsBBM GroupsNotifications and in-app “splats” for new content. View them in Feeds, Contacts when they’ve sent out you a message, etc.

According come Blackberry, we tambahan gather the following;

Invites and acceptances don’t send once Windows phone goes the end of WiFi coverageA couple of newer emoticons space not rendering effectively (i.e brrrr, and flex and
)Windows Phone reflects as accessible for BBM Voice call although function is not supported (seen on Android and also iOS, not BlackBerry 10)Error popup shows up when lihat “Find Friends” and the “OK” switch is selectedSuggested contacts tab only shows individuals already melihat BBM, yet lists them together potential contacts once BBM is originally launched.

Before the introduction of BBM for home windows phone, all Android users have being enjoying BBM on milik mereka respective phones. BBM for Nokia brand sebagai as BBM for Nokia Lumia which can be digunakan on practically all lumia commodities include BBM because that Nokia Lumia 520, and other Android phones include Tecno Android, HTC assets etc. Have being in in existence yet now, that is the rotate of Windows.

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Are friend a member of the BBM for home windows phone Beta variation already? Or how are you right now doing v the BBM ~ above your windows phone for now? share you excitement and we’ll it is in glad come hear. . If you are unable to download the app, kindly leaving a comment and we’ll be senang to membantu and sincerely put you through.

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