BlackBerry Messenger application is just one of the earliest yet a famous chat app for smartphones. Originally, it was obtainable for only BlackBerry devices yet seeing the growing popularity that Android OS, BBM app is now obtainable for Android gadgets as well. If you want to download the app, kemudian you can do for this reason by downloading the recent version, BBM APK record and kemudian installing on your smartphone or tablet computer to acquire all the latest features on your device.

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With BBM app installed on your Android device, you will not only have the ability to send and also receive complimentary text messages, but also, favor all the other chat messengers, make cost-free international suara calls melihat the app. All you require is an Internet connection or a WiFi link on her smartphone and you have the right to use the application for complimentary to message or panggilan your friends. So, simply download BBM APK for Android by visiting Google permainan Store on your smartphone and also install the app directly.

BBM APK because that Android – Features:

The applications has already been download for numerous millions of waktu so if you space looking come download BBM because that Android, kemudian you deserve to do so after discovering all the functions of the app.


Free to Use: The chat application is completely complimentary to download and use as lengthy as you have actually a strong Internet connection on your device.Timed Messages: The function which permits you to collection a timer for how long your contacts have to see the message sebelum it disappears indigenous the conversation screen.Message Retraction: one of the best features that the BBM app is message retraction which enables users come retract the messages from the chat.No phone Numbers: BBM Messenger provides PINs to determine its users and also not phone number or email addresses.Group Messages: you can membuat a group and also chat and share images and also videos with all the members at once. Girlfriend can tambahan invite setiap orang into a conversation so that you deserve to exchange your thoughts in ~ the very same time.Create Profile: you can create your account and set up your custom BBM file by selecting the finest profile picture and including a custom negara update.

What’s new in the Update?

New Dynamic Emoticon feature along with Android 5.0 support.You will now have the ability to send stickers in team chats.60-second timer added to the app bersama with landscape setting feature.

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Download BBM APK for Android

If you desire to download the app, kemudian you have the right to do therefore by going come the play Store indigenous within your smartphone or usage the below links to gain the APK file.

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download apk get it indigenous google play store

Once you have downloaded the APK record of the application, every you have to do is ayunkan the document to your smartphone by lihat a USB data cable and kemudian simply download the app.

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