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HOW to APPLY : Visiting Website Fulbright Scholarships because that Indonesians

General Description

Fulbright scholarships are easily accessible to Indonesian citizens come undertake graduate degree study or advanced research at a united state university in a variety of fields.

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TheMAandPhDscholarshipssupport two and three year of graduate riset respectively at a us university. TheVisiting Scholar Programallows an Indonesian stop a doctoral degree to carry out research for three to 6 months at an American university.

Selection choice will be offered to candidates who have not had comprehensive recent united state experience, for example itu who have previously received a Fulbright scholarship. Candidates will certainly be taken into consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, statusnya as a parent, or seksualnya orientation. Applications from qualified candidates beyond kepala cities on Java, e.g., eastern Indonesia, are particularly welcome.

(A spesial program,DIKTI-funded Fulbright Grants because that Indonesian Lecturers, funded by the Indonesian ministry of Research, Technology, and higher Education, offers Fulbright scholarships for present lecturers at Indonesian universities. Basic requirements are similar, yet there space some salient particular eligibility needs as well.This program is currently on hiatus in Award tahun 2021-2022 pending capital decisions native the Indonesian set of pendidikan and Culture. Prospective applicants may still use to theFulbright Doctoral degree (PhD) Scholaship.)

General Requirements

The applicant should:

Be an Indonesian citizen and also not a permanent resident or citizen of the US, or be at this time living in the USPossess management qualities and show experience in masyarakat serviceHave preparation in, and a prove commitment totheir chosen bidang of studyBe proficient in EnglishHave one outstanding scholastic recordDemonstrate thatthey have the right to realistically attain full-time graduate study or conduct research study in the USDemonstrate a strong commitment to go back to Indonesia upon perfect of the Fulbright scholarship programBe willing to work-related for at least lima years before retirement ~ above the completion of the scholarship program

An applicant will certainly be ineligible if the or she is:

An employee, close family members member of one employee, or dependent of an employee that AMINEF, the us Embassy, or the us Department that StateCurrently pursuing lainnya degreeReceiving another scholarship at the time of the applicationPursuing another similar program for a dual degree

Submission Requirements(to be gave in English)

Completed application form, consisting of one-page untuk mempelajari objective because that master’s and also PhD scholarships, and 3-5-page research saran for PhD and Research scholarshipsCopy of most recent (less than 2 years old) TOEFL ITP or IELTS scoresTwo letter of reference, either from an employee or a college lecturerCopy of academic transcript and also diploma (in original language and in bahasa inggris translation)Copy of valid identity file (KTPor passport)Curriculum vitae

Grant Benefits

The scholarship will administer the following benefits:

J-1 visa supportRound-trip economy class air travel from scholarship recipient’s home city come the hold institution in the USFunding for tuition and also fees, living and related costsAccident and diberkatilah anda insurance coverage per US federal government guidelines

Support is not detailed for accompanying dependents.

Eligible areas of Study

Fulbright grants might be tangan kedua for study or research in paling disciplines and fields of untuk mempelajari with the exception of medicine related to patient care or clinical patience contact. Proposals in humanities, arts, and sosial sciences, and also in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and diberkatilah anda are same welcome. Particularly welcome space applications in STEM fields that focus on environmental preservation, alternative energy exploration, or climate adjust mitigation.

Required Tests

At the moment of applications to AMINEF only a TOEFL Institutional Testing programme (ITP) or IELTS score is required. If girlfriend are later on selected because that an award, you must then take the resmi TOEFL iBT (Internet-based TOEFL) test, the Graduate record Examination (GRE) for every fields except law and business, or the Graduate management Admission test (GMAT) for service administration, finance, and accounting.

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Master’s and PhD Scholarship

Application Deadline*:February 15Application Screening:MarchInterviews:AprilShortlist Announcement:June

Visiting Scholar Program

Application Deadline*: November 1Application Screening: NovemberInterviews: DecemberShortlist Announcement: January

*Exact deadlines every tahun may be subject to readjust and if the application drops on a weekend or public holiday, it is immediately extended to the following work day.