Hello, third trimester!

You"ll paling likely have a checkup every 2 weeks till 36 weeks, kemudian switch to once-a-week visits till you deliver.

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Starting the childcare search

If you"re plan to go back to work, mulailah looking into childcare now, particularly if girlfriend live somewhere an excellent care is in high demand.

Comfy sleep positions

“Side-sleep” and “almost-back sleeping” use pillows, towels, and blankets to assistance your back, neck, and growing belly.

28 main is how many months?

You"re in your seventh month!

Baby perkembangan at 28 weeks

Brain boost

Your baby"s brain is including billions of brand-new nerve cells. His senses that hearing, smell, and also touch space developed and functional. Throughout the third trimester, the brain triples in weight, and the cerebrum establishes deep, convoluted grooves that provide extra surface area without taking up an ext room in the skull.

Nerve protection

A protective spanning of myelin begins to form around his nerves throughout this trimester, a procedure that will proceed for a year after he"s born.

See maafkan saya fraternal pair look favor in the womb this week.


Your infant at 28 weeksTap the plus for an ext details
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Your baby is about the size of a ukurannya besar eggplant

14 ¾

head come toe
2 ¼

Pregnancy symptoms during week 28

Baby kicks

Your baby"s very positif now. Your medical care provider might ask you to invest some time each day counting kicks and will offer you certain instructions on how to perform this.

Leg cramping

Leg mouse are much more common in ~ night however can tambahan happen throughout the day. Her legs are carrying extra weight, and also your expanding uterus is putting push on the veins the return blood from your legs to your heart and on the nerves top from your trunk to her legs.

Nail changes

Some pregnant women develop harder nails, but others find that milik mereka nails space softer or an ext brittle.

Don"t check out your symptom?Wondering around a symptom friend have? find it top top our pregnancy symptoms page.

Your body at 28 weeksTap the plus for an ext details

Pregnancy checklist at 28 weeks

Prepare because that breastfeeding

If you"re planning to breastfeed your baby, find out as lot as girlfriend can about it now. Speak to parenting moms, check out books, and also consider taking a breastfeeding class.

Dedicate time to your partner

In the middle of all your baby preparations, bawa pulang time come bond through your partner and celebrate apa connects girlfriend and makes you love one another.

Plan because that juggling work and also family

See just how other moms found a balance between work and family by shifting their schedules, finding great childcare, and prioritizing high quality time.

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28 main pregnant bellies

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July 22, 2020

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