Kata Sifat (adjective) dalam Bahasa Inggris adalah kelas kata yang menjelaskan makna kata were lebih spesifik pada kuantitas, kualitas, urutan, atau pun nilainya. Berikut ini adalah partij kata sifat batin Bahasa Inggris yang harus kamu ketahui, penuh dengan arti kata sifat dan contoh kalimat dalam Bahasa Inggris.

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No.WordsDefinitionIndonesianExamples in Sentences
1Abusivecharacterized by physics or psychological maltreatment; expressing attack reproachSuka menyiksaHer dad is abusive towards his family.
2Adaptablecapable of adapting (of becoming or gift made suitable) to a details situation or useMudah BeradaptasiIf you’re more adaptable, you can survive easily.
3Adorablelovable especially in a childlike or naive wayMenyenangkanShe’s so adorable, no wonder everyone love her.
4Adventurouswilling come undertake or search out new and on line enterprisesSenang BertualangHe’s been to countless places, he’s for this reason adventurous.
5Agonizingextremely painfulMenyakitkanYour native is agonizing that ns can’t be affected by each other to listen to them.
6Alivecapable of erupting; possessing lifeHidupThat injured cat is still alive.
7Annoyingcausing wake up or annoyance; noun the act of troubling or annoying someoneMenyebalkanHis mom is so annoying.
8Automaticoperating through minimal manusia interventionOtomatisThis is an automatic toaster, you just have to wait.
9Awesomeinspiring awe or admiration or wonderKerenThat’s an amazing jacket, whereby did you buy it?
10Awfulcausing are afraid or dread or terror;BurukMy painting is awful, I’m for this reason ashamed that it
11Barbaricunrestrained and crudely rich; without civilizing influencesBarbarWhat a barbaric human.
12Bashfuldisposed to prevent notice; self-consciously timidMalushe’s gift bashful around new people.
13Beautifulaesthetically pleasingCantikThat infant is therefore beautiful choose her mother.
14Bigabove median in size or sourse or quantity or size or exteme scaleBesarThe bag is as well big.
15Bravepossessing or displaying courageBeraniThe pejuang is therefore brave in war
16Brightfull or promise; having lots of light either natural or artificialCemerlangThe sunlight is for this reason bright today.
17Busycrowded through or defined by much activitySibukI’m so liven today. I can’t see you.
18Cheerfulbeing full of or promoting cheer; having or menampilkan good spirits; pleasantly (even unrealistically) optimisticCeriawhile always being cheerful, that son actually has actually a sad live.
19Childishacting choose a childKekanakanHe’s 30 however still acts childish.
20Clearof complexion; without sebagai blemishes as e.g. Acne; clear to the mind; free native cloudiness; enabling light to happen throughJelasThe weather is clear, you deserve to go outside.
21Clevershowing inventiveness and skillPintarAll his youngsters are clever.
22Cloudy(of specifically liquids) clouded just like sediment; full of or covered with clouds; lacking definite form or limitsBerawanIt’s therefore cloudy, ns think it will certainly be raining.
23Coldlacking the warmth of life; of a seeker; the lack of heatDinginTonight is therefore cold, I require extra blanket.
24Colorfulhaving highlight color; striking in range and interest; having color or a specific color; sometimes used in combinationBerwarnaTheir house is for this reason colorful, lock painted milik mereka bedrooms blue and milik mereka living room green.
25Crazyintensely enthusiastic around or preoccupied withGilaThe crazy man is attack the crowd.
26Cuteobviously contrived to charm; attractive specifically by method of smallness or prettiness or quaintnessLucuThat rabbit is therefore cute.

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27Cynicalbelieving the worst of umat ​​manusia nature and also motives; having a sneering shock in e.g. Selflessness the othersSinisYou’re being too cynical. Have faith sometimes.
28Dailyoccurring or excellent each dayHarianI have the right to visit my mother daily.
29Dampslightly wet;LembabMy clothes are still damp, ns can’t undertake them.
30Dangerouscausing fear or anxiety by threatening great harmBerbahayaThe road is also dangerous come be crossed at night
31Darkdevoid the or deficient in light or brightness;GelapWhy your room is for this reason dark? revolve on the light.
32Deepexhibiting an excellent cunning usually v secrecy;DalamThis swimming pool is also deep because that my kid.
33Diligentcharacterized through care and also perseverance in delivering out tasksRajinHe’s therefore diligent, he researches everyday.
34Distantapart in space; separate or personal in timeBerjarakThat guy is being so far-off towards his ex.
35Drywithout a mucous or watery dischargeKeringYour apparel have dried, you have the right to pick them up.
36Dumbunable come speak since of hereditary deafness; lacking intellectual acuityBisu/BodohHe’s dumb, the can’t answer you.
37Earlyat or close to the beginning of a ketentuan of time or course of events or sebelum the usual or intended timeLebih awalYou wake up up early.
38Eviltending come cause great harm; morally negative or wrong;JahatWhat an evil man! the beats his own wife.
39Exhaustingproducing exhaustion; having a debilitating effectMelelahkanThe trip was exhausting but we had actually fun.
40Fata chubby body; having much flesh (especially fat);GemukShe’s fat, however she’s tho cute.
41Feminineassociated v women and not through men;FemininThe smell of hat perfume is also feminine, ns can’t use it.
42Fitphysically and mentally sound or healthy; meeting adequate standards for a purposePasYou’re young and fit, you have the right to run so fast.
43Gentlehaving or pameran a please or lembut natureLucuHe watch scary however he’s actually an extremely gentle.
44Giganticso exceedingly large or extensive regarding suggest a gigantic or mammothLembutThat giant billboard has actually blocked the mountain view.
45Greatof major significance or importance; relatively large in dimension or numberi or extent;RaksasaThey have a great sourse of wealth.
46Greedywanting come eat or drink much more than one can reasonably consumeSerakahShe’s being so greedy, she won’t share her food through others.
47Grievingsorrowful v loss or deprivationBerdukaMy mother is tho grieving after our father passed away.
48Grumpyperversely irritablePemarahNo wonder you’re dicat is being grumpy, you’ve mistreated him.
49Happywell expressed and to the pointBahagiaShe looks more happyafter she’s married.
50Harddried out; unfortunate or hard to bearSulit/KerasThe test is too hard.
51Hatefulevoking or deserving hatred; characterized through malicePenuh kebencianShe’s for this reason hateful, no wonder she has no friends.
52Heavenlyof or belong to heaven or god; relating come or inhabiting a divine heaven; of or relating come the skySurgawiThe choir sound so heavenly.
53Highreater than tangga in tingkat or soot or amount; used of suara and voicesTinggiDad place the velvet on high ar so my sister can’t with it.
54Historicalhaving when lived or existed or taken location in the real dunia as unique from gift legendary; of or relating to the belajar of history; belonging come the pastBersejarahIt’s a sejarah statue, don’t destroy it.
55Holisticemphasizing the essential or functional relation between bagian and the wholeMenyeluruhYou have to be an ext holistic once you’re observing something.
56Hollowas if echoing in a hollow space; not solid; having a space or space orKosongThe wall is hollow, therefore don’t push it as well hard.
57Homelesssomeone v no housingTidak berumahHe’s homeless now because he cannot pay the rent.
58Hotused of physics heat; having actually a high or higher than desirable temperature or providing off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of warm or burningPanasthe food is quiet hot.
59Hugeunusually an excellent in size or lot or degree or especially tingkat or scopeBesarThat doll is therefore huge, we require a spesial place to keep it.
60Hurtdamaged meaningless objects or dari mereka value; suffering indigenous physical cedera especially that suffered in battleMenyakitkanHe’s hurt for this reason badly, we need to untuk mengambil him to the hospital.
61Idiotichaving a mitologis age of 3 to seven years; insanely irresponsibleTololYou’re gift idiotic, it’s embarassing.
62Illegalprohibited by legislation or by resmi or welcomed rulesIlegalIt’s illegal to smoke in this country.
63Illiteratelacking culture, especially in language and also literature; not able to review or writeButa hurufHer entirety family is illitirate, nobody can read.
64Imaginarynot based on fact;ImajinerYour statement is imaginary and also fake.
65Insecurelacking self-confidence or assurance; lacking in defense or safetyTidak aman/tidak percaya diriShe’s being insecure through her body. She pikiran she’s fat.
66Irresponsibleshowing lack of treatment for consequencesBertanggung jawabHow deserve to you it is in so irresponsible? You’re a get an impressive up.
67Joyfulfull that or developing joy; full that high-spirited delightMenyenangkanWe’re gift joyfulas tomorrow is Christmas.
68Juicyfull of juiceBerairThe steak is so juicy.
69Jumbledin utter disorderCampur adukThese words room still jumbled, you should put them in correct order.
70Kindtolerant and also forgiving di bawah provocationBaikYour family members is so type towards me.
71Largehaving broad power and range and scope; above median in size or sourse or amount or size or extentRamahShe has a besar eyes favor an owl.
72Lastlowest in location or importanceBesarYou end up the game last.
73Latebeing or emerging at an advanced period of time or after a normal or meant timTerlambatHe selalu comes late to school.
74Lavishvery generous; characterized by extravagance and also profusionBorosDon’t be so lavish, you’ve invested too lot money.
75Lazymoving slowly and gently; disinclined to work-related or exertionMalasIt’s test seasone, don’t it is in so lazy.
76Leannot profitable or prosperousTidak menguntungkanThe possibility is too lean, i won’t ambil it.
77Legalallowed by resmi rulesLegalIt’s legal to usage a drone now.
78Lethalof an tool of specific deathMematikanThe weapon is so lethal, it needs to be tangan kedua carefully.
79Lightcharacterized through or create light; (used that color) having a relatively kecil amount of coloring agentRingan/TerangI love light colours.
80Likeableeasy come like;MenyenangkanThe new kid is likeable, she has actually so plenty of friends already.
81Literateknowledgeable and also educated in one or number of fieldsBerpendidikanYou deserve to see from the way he talks, he’s for this reason literate.
82Lonelyremote or secludedKesepianI feel lonely without my friends.
83Longhaving or being an ext than tangga or necessaryPanjangThe thread is also long, cut it.
84Lostnot recorded with the senses or the mind; no longer in your possession or controlTersesatI shed my glasses.
85Lovelyappealing to the emotions as well as the eyeIndahThat brand-new dress is therefore lovely.
86Lowbeing at or having actually a relatively kecil elevation or upward extensionRendahHer score is for this reason low.
87Loyalunwavering in devotion to girlfriend or vow or causeSetiaThe dog is loyal to his owner.
88Lumpyhaving lumps; not smooth and even in texture; like or containing kecil sticky lumpsKentalThe dough is too lumpy, you should add much more water to do it softer.
89Lunaticinsane and percaya to be influenced by the phases of theGilaYou’re being lunatic, friend can’t jump from this bridge.
90Lushfull the juice; produced or growing in extreme abundanceSuburThe soil is lush.
91Macabreshockingly repellent; inspiring horrorMenyeramkanShe loves scary stuffs, she room is jenuh of macabre posters.
92Machomarkedly masculine in illustration or manneMachoShe just likes macho men.
93Magnificentcharacterized by grandeurMegahWhat a splendid party.
94Majesticmajestic in perilaku or bearingMegahThe kingdom is for this reason majestic.
95Majorgreater in number or dimension or amount; greater in scope or effectUtamaThis isn’t a major issue, I deserve to fix it.
97Masculineassociated v men and not v womenMaskulinHe’s a man, yet doesn’t plot masculine.
98Maturehaving reached full natural expansion or developmentDewasaHe’s so mature, he’s only 10.
99Melodicof or relating come melody; containing or constituting or defined by pleasing melodyBernadaThe song is so melodic and also beautiful.
100Mercifulshowing or offering mercyPenuh belas kasihThe king was gift merciful, that didn’t execute his enemies.
101Mindlessrequiring little mental effort; lacking the reasoning capacity properties of a aware beingTidak berpikirYou’re gift mindless, you should stop apa you’re doing.
102Minorlimited in size or scope; inferior in sourse or size or amountKecilHe’s quiet a minor, not allowed to smoke.
103Mistywet v mist; filled or abounding through fog or mistBerkabutThe mountain was misty.
104Mixedconsisting that a haphazard assortment of different kinds (even come the suggest of incongruityBercampurThe colors were mixed and also it was pretty
105Moistslightly wetLembabThe weather is too moist, not great for mine electronics.
106Muscularhaving or suggesting an excellent physical strength or forceBerototHe functions out everyday, no wonder he’s therefore muscular.
107Nastyffensive or even (of persons) malicious; disgustingly dirtyNaifHe claimed nasty stuffs to the girls. They leave him.
108Naturalin accordance through nature; relating to or concerning natureJorokIt’s herbal to love your very own friends.
109Nauseatingcausing or able to reason nauseaAlamiThe smell is nauseating, I want to vomit.
110Nearnot far far-off in time or an are or derajat or circumstancesMembuat MualThe college is near my home.
111Necessaryunavoidably determined by front circumstances; absolutely essentialDekatIt’s vital to put the eggs in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.
112Nervouseasily agitatedPentingIt’s her very first concert, she’s gift so nervous.
113Nosyoffensively curious or inquisitiveSelalu mau tahuDon’t be a nosy neighbour, we need to respect others’ privacy.
114Oldof a an extremely early stage in developmentTuaMy grandma is old.
116Painfulcausing physical or emotional painMenyakitkanThe injury was paninful.
117Painlessnot leading to physical or emotional painTidak sakitThe drug makes you feeling painless.
118Paleabnormally deficient in shade as saying physical or emotionally distressPucatYour challenge is pale.
119Panickythrown right into a state the intense fear or desperationPanikTheir being panicky throughout the earthquake.
120Patheticinspiring scornful pityBodohwhat a pathetic man, he thinks he have the right to win against last year winner.
121Peacefulnot disturbed through strife or turmoil or warDamaiThis kota is for this reason peaceful.
122Perfectprecisely exact orSempurnashe acquired a perfect 100% score
123Petitevery smallKecilshe has a petite body.
124Poisonousmarked by deep ill will; intentionally harmful; not safe to eat; having the features or impacts of a poisonBeracunThat berry is poisonous.
125Politeshowing regard for others in manners, speech, behavior, etcSopanHer youngsters are polite.
126Poorunsatisfactory; having little money or couple of possessionsMiskinHis family members is poor, they can’t afford come buy everyday meals.
127Puny(used particularly of persons) of inferior size; inferior in stamin or significanceLemahWhat a puny man, he can not lift the table.
128Purefree indigenous discordant qualities; sinlessMurniThe water is pure, you can drink it.
129Pushymarked by aggressive ambition and also energy and initiativeMemaksaher parents are being pushy, she hates them.
130Puzzlinglacking clarity of meaning; leading to confusion or perplexity; not clear to the understandingMembingungkanThe check is too puzling, i can’t perform it.
131Quicklywith quick movementsCepatI have the right to vfinish this quickly.
132quietfree that noise or uproar; or making little if any soundDiamShe’s been an extremely quiet sejak her dog died.
133Rarenot commonly distributed; not widely knownJarangIt’s a rarely jewelry.
134Rebelliousresisting control or authorityPemberontakIt’s it s okay to be rebelious when you’re a teenager.
135Regalbelonging come or befitting a tertinggi rulerKebangsawananShe comes membentuk a regal family.
136Richpossessing product wealthKayaThat family is so rich, they have ten cars.
137Rightcorrect in opinion or judgmentBenarThe best answer is C no B.
138Romanticexpressive the or exciting seksual love or romanceRomantishe’s therefore romantic to his new girlfriend.
139Rottenusually implies foulnessBusukYou can’t eat the rotten bread.
140Rough(of persons or behavior) doing not have refinement or finesseKasarDon’t be too rough when taking care of babies.
142Sadexperiencing or mendemonstrasikan sorrow or unhappinessSedihI’m quiet sad due to the fact that my girlfriend is dinamis to lagi country.
143Safe(of an undertaking) secure from risk; free from danger or the hazard of harmAmanIt’ for sure if you continue to be inside.
144Satisfyinggiving satisfied or satisfaction; providing freedom from worry; providing numerous nourishmentMemuaskanHis performance is so good and satisfying.
145Scandalousgiving offense to morell sensibilities and also injurious to reputationMemalukanThe news is scandalous because that the new president.
146Scarreddeeply influenced or significant by mitologis or physical pain or injuryTerlukaShe’s scarred by her mother’s words.
147Scaryso scary regarding cause chills and also shuddersMenakutkanThe movie is also scary for me.
148Seldomnot oftenJarangI seldomto check out her.
149Shakyvibrating slightly and irregularlyBergoyangThe leg feels shaky.
150Shallowlacking physics depthDangkalThe water is shallow, you have the right to swim there.
151Shameful(used of command or character) deserving or bringing disgrace or shameMemalukanYour act is shameful i don’t desire to mental it.
152Shinyreflecting lightBersinarThat yellow is shiny.
153Shockinggiving violation to morell sensibilities and injurious come reputationMengejutkanThe berita was shocking, she couldn’t accept it.
154Shorthaving tiny length or doing not have in lengthPendekHe’s short for a guy on his age.
155Silkyhaving a smooth, gleaming surfaceLembutThe towel feels silky.
156Sillydazed native or together if from recurring blowsKonyolYou’re gift silly.
157SimpleunornamentedSederhanaHe provides a very simple answer.
158Skinnyof or relating come or resembling skin; being an extremely thinKurusThat guy is skinny, he have the right to fit an S size.
159Slimbeing of vulnerable or slender build; small in quantityLangsingI want to have a slim tubuh manusia like her.
160Smalllimited or below average in numberi or amount or magnitude or extentKecilThe computer mouse is small.
161Smartcapable of independent and apparently smart actionPintarThe boy is for this reason smart.
162Softot solid or robustLembutI love this cake, it’s soft.
163Spoiledhaving the character or disposition harmed by pampering or oversolicitous attentionManjaHer son is spoiled, he will cry if she didn’t buy him an ice cream.
164Strongnot faint or feebleKuatThe man is strong he can lift the chair alone.
165Stupidlacking or marked by lack of pundit acuityBodohThe girl is for this reason stupid, she doesn’t recognize the answer.
166Sweetlyin one affectionate or love mannerManisShe speak so sweetly.
167Tallgreat in vertical dimension; high in statureTinggiShe’s a very tall girl.
168Tangytasting sour prefer a lemonasamThe lemon is tangy
169Tastypleasing come the sense of tasteLezatI love the food, it’s therefore tasty.
170Tearfulfilled with or significant by tearsMembuat menangisThe movie is therefore tearful.
171ThickaboundingTebalThis book is thick and heavy.
172Thinlacking overfill flesh; (of sound) lacking resonance or volumeTipisThis publication is thin. I’ll read it.
173Tightpacked very closely togetherKetatThe jeans space too tight for you.
174Tinyvery smallKecilThe insect is so tiny i can’t view it.
175Tireddepleted of toughness or energy; repeated also often; overfamiliar v overuseLelahI’m therefore tired, today we have sport.
176Tranquil(of a tubuh manusia of water) complimentary from disturbance by heavy waves; not agitatedTenangThe tranquil water provides me peace.
177Trashytastelessly showy; cheap and inferiorMurahanYour taste in music is therefore trashy.
178Uglydispleasing come the sensesJelekThe guy is so ugly.
179Uniquehighly unexplained or rare however not the solitary instanceUnikIt’s a an extremely unique necklace.
180Unknownnot known; not recognized to existTidak diketahuiThe varieties of that animal is still unknown.
181Unnaturalnot in accordance through or established by natureTidak wajarThat occasion is unnatural and also weird.
182Uselesshaving no helpful use or incapable of to work usefullyTidak bergunaThe broken watch is useless now.
183Vaguenot jelas understood or expressed; not exactly limited, determined, or distinguishedSamar-samarHer meaning is also vague, the police finds it’s tough to catch the criminal.
184Valuablehaving an excellent material or mata uang value especially for usage or exchangeBerhargaHer paling valuable possession is she wedding ring.
185Vastunusually good in size or amount or tingkat or especially extent or scopeLuasThe country is so vast, friend need more than a month to check out it.
186Warmhaving or developing a comfortable and agreeable melakukan of warm or imparting or preserving heatHangatI’ll drink the coffee while it’s warm.
187Wetor soaked v a liquid kemudian as water;BasahYour boots room wet.
188Worthlesslacking in usefulness or value; morally reprehensibleTidak berhargaIt’s broken and worthless now.
189Wrongbased ~ above or exhilaration or evaluate in errorSalahThe prize is worng.

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190Youngbeing in its at an early stage stageMudaTheir kids are young.

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