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Indonesian tentara (TNI) personnel lodge disaster relief packages into a Hercules plane at Halim Perdanakusuma airplane in East sampanye on Saturday. The plane flew to main Sulawesi city of pembusuk which has actually recently hit by tsunami. (Antara/Muhammad Adimaja)

At least 384 rakyat are dead, 29 missing and 540 injured together rescue groups scoured the ruined city that Palu, main Sulawesi, on Saturday, a job after a strong earthquake and also tsunami fight the region.

“Updated number of the victims show that 384 setiap orang died, 29 are lacking and 540 are injured. Donggala is quiet unreachable due to the fact that communications are still cut off. A team has actually been dispatched to the regency,” said nationwide Disaster and also Mitigation agency (BNPB) spokesperson Sutopo Purwo nugroho at a tekan briefing on Saturday.

Sutopo included that the number of victims was most likely to increase because the rescue teams have actually yet to reach other impacted areas.

A cable of earthquakes hit the main Sulawesi regency of Donggala top top Friday afternoon, one of which got to 7.4-magnitude ~ above Friday at 6:02 p.m. Neighborhood time.

The biggest earthquake was adhered to by waves, which dulu 0.5 to 3 meter high, on bagian of Donggala’s coast and Talise beach in Palu.

Sutopo said the earthquake had actually knocked out seven power stations owned by state electricity company PLN in pembusuk and Donggala. ~ above Saturday morning, the agency managed to power up 2 of them.

The blackout influenced cellular network across the area, membuat it an overwhelming for people to interact or agencies to gather info from the field.

“Communication networks in Donggala and pembusuk as well together the areas roughly it is not working because the electricity is reduced off. There space 276 basic stations that cannot be used,” Sutopo called the media.

Sutopo said fixing the electricity and also communication networks must be the priority appropriate now, as well as evacuating people.

“Friday’s earthquake the hit central Sulawesi was bigger than Lombok’s. It was shallow, only at a depth the 10 kilometers. Moreover, that was followed by a tsunami that damaged locations close to the shore. We think that the number of casualties will certainly increase,” the said.

The earthquake tambahan destroyed the best shopping shopping mall in Palu along with the iconic Ponulele leg that connected barat and eastern Donggala.

The tsunami that adhered to inundated structures near the shore and the Pesona palu Nomoni Festival arena, i m sorry was terawat on Friday evening.

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“Hundreds of orang attended the event, and we still don’t have any berita about their fate,” Sutopo said.