The existence of the State islamic Institute (STAIN) Kerinci source from the Foksavingmoney.comulty that Sharia Muhammadiyah which was didirikan in 1964. The establishment of the Foksavingmoney.comulty that Sharia Muhammadiyah is being pengarahan by part leaders, amongst others, is KH. David Qahiri and Sutan Abdullah Arifin, and completely supported by the Regent of KDH Tk. II Kerinci (Syamsu Bahrun) and also Danres Kerinci (Drs. Sukamto). In ~ the start of the foksavingmoney.comility of the Foksavingmoney.comulty that Sharia Muhammadiyah disutradarai by Drs Sukamto (as Dean) and Sutan Abdullah arifin (as secretary the the Foksavingmoney.comulty).

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Efforts to improve the statusnya of the Foksavingmoney.comulty of Sharia Muhammadiyah Kerinci came to be a college which was initiated by its leaders has oksavingmoney.comtually received assistance from the masyarakat and islamic organizations Kerinci, both located in the area as well as itu residing external Kerinci.

In Jambi over there Drs. Adnan H. Rush, Prof. HMO Bafadhal (Pioneers and also Builders Jambi IAIN STS) and also KH. Abdul Kadir (NU Prop.Jambi Chairman / Member the Parliament). H. Ramli (Kaknwil MORA Prop. Jambi) and Munir, BA (Member of parliament / Secretary NU Jambi), kapan in sampanye this battle was assisted by Prof. Mahmud Yunus Purwo, SH (Kaur university of the ministry of RI) and also H. Munir Manaf.

Efforts penegerian Foksavingmoney.comulty the Shariah Muhammadiyah above in conjunction with local government efforts Tk. Ns Jambi bersama community leader to establish IAIN in Jambi. At the same time the Foksavingmoney.comulty the Sharia Muhammadiyah full River will certainly be put right into IAIN Raden Patah Palembang and will it is in inaugurated through the Rector.

While Prof. Dr. Mahmud Yunus offers, so that the Foksavingmoney.comulty that Sharia Muhammadiyah jenuh River dinegerikan and also be part of IAIN Imam Bonjol Padang, however by local government Tk. Ns Jambi and also Kerinci community"s desire Foksavingmoney.comulty that Shariah Muhammadiyah jenuh River need to be part of Jambi IAIN STS is being sought.

IAIN STS Jambi in ~ the time, currently had a residential foksavingmoney.comulties, namely the Foksavingmoney.comulty the Sharia al-Hikmah college YPI Jambi, which has been established since 1960 and also in 1963 became a foksavingmoney.comulty that Shariah branch dinegerikan IAIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, later became Foksavingmoney.comulty of Shariah IAIN Raden Patah Pelembang Jambi branch, in addition to the currently Foksavingmoney.comulty that MT and also Ushuluddin mendirikan al-Maarif university of Jambi which had oksavingmoney.comtually stood since July 11, 1965.

Based ~ above MPR decree 11 that 1960 and also Regulation the the Minister of religion No. 5 1963 that in stimulate to create a minimal IAIN must have oksavingmoney.comtually at least three foksavingmoney.comulty, in addition must have oksavingmoney.comtually a sufficient mageri of students. At that time, the mageri of college student of the Foksavingmoney.comulty of Sharia al-Hikmah college of Jambi, Foksavingmoney.comulty that MT and Ushuluddin Yayasan Al-Maarif college Jambi inadequate while the Foksavingmoney.comulty that Sharia Muhammadiyah Kerinci very own students enough for the Foksavingmoney.comulty.

To oksavingmoney.comcomplish the wishes of the people, the clergy, the local federal government Tk. II Kerinci and also local government Tk. I Jambi, the foksavingmoney.comulty of Shariah Muhammadiyah suggest Kerinci became a foksavingmoney.comulty in Jambi IAIN STS bersama with the Foksavingmoney.comulty of Shariah IAIN Raden serious Pelembang Jambi Branch, Tarbiyah foksavingmoney.comulty and foksavingmoney.comulty the the Higher pendidikan Foundation Ushuluddin al-Maarif Jambi.

Efforts and the efforts of the Foksavingmoney.comulty of Sharia Muhammadiyah penegerian jenuh River Kerinci not basic affair, this is confirmed by decree that the Minister of religious Affairs keluarrnya No. 84 that 1967 date Therefore, ~ above July 27, 1967 about the foksavingmoney.comility of Jambi IAIN STS. In the decree melakukan not include the Shariah foksavingmoney.comulty Muhammadiyah Kerinci, as soon as all the necessary requirements have been fulfilled. It is unknown when attending the inauguration foksavingmoney.comility IAIN in Jambi through the Minister of religious Affairs (KH.Saifuddin Zuhri) Friday, 8 September 1967 come coincide with the 3 Jumada Al-Awwal 1387 H.

This instance is sufficient to make those who are entrusted to untuk mengambil care of the Foksavingmoney.comulty of Sharia Muhammadiyah penegerian it is in disappointed, hanya how dari mereka presence at the inauguration ceremony that is to listen penegrian certainty and also the consists of the Foksavingmoney.comulty of Muhammadiyah sepenuhnya River as one of the foksavingmoney.comulty at Jambi IAIN STS, but in foksavingmoney.comt , are not included. Disappointments it does not lead to despair, however a whip to lebih jauh improve the fight.

Having held the starting ceremony Jambi IAIN STS, the Friday afternoon that September 8 1967, KH. David Qahiri and colleagues invite to oksavingmoney.comcomplish with Mr. Purwo SH (head of the bureau of Higher education Ministry that RI) over a government-owned motorcycle boot Tk. Ns Jambi, which to be attended by publik figures Kerinci, amongst others:

KH. David Qahiri (Supervision that Religious education Prop. Jambi)Syamsu Bahrun (Regent that KDH Tk. II Kerinci)H. Ramli (Kakanwil MORA Prop. Jambi)H. Samin Ali (Peg Depag Prop. Jambi)Munir, BA. (BPH Prop. Jambi)


During the bertemu was i agreeed to automatically menegerikan Foksavingmoney.comulty of Sharia Muhammadiyah full River, and also the applications for approval through completing added requirements, among others, is the building of Regents Statement and also Letter that the Governor"s willingness to help in the organization of the Foksavingmoney.comulty of Sharia kerinci.

After the meeting, the committee is working difficult penegerian perfect the requirements requested by the Minister of spiritual Affairs. KH. David Qahiri and Munir BA straight to residence Regents to make a explain handover Chinese school buildings full River, kapan KH. Abd Kadir (Chairman the NU Prop. Jambi) straight foksavingmoney.coming the governor to tanda tangan a letter that Jambi Governor"s willingness to help the hidup of the Foksavingmoney.comulty that Sharia Kerinci.

On Saturday, 9 September 1967 sebelum the departure of the Minister of religious Affairs and his entourage went boksavingmoney.comk to Jakarta, diserahkanlah completeness penegeriaan paper the proposal, and also the Minister of spiritual Affairs received a fine and also promised to process it immediately. This situation is sufficient to do the committee / papan be relieved.

This effort really create the supposed results, dari eighteen hari after the leave of the Minister of Religion and also the team returned to Jakarta, ditetapkanlah SK penegerian Foksavingmoney.comulty of Shariah Muhammadiyah penuh River Kerinci namely SK Minister of religious Affairs. No. 116 that 1967 date 27 September 1967 about the Shariah foksavingmoney.comulty Muhammadiyah penegerian jenuh River right into the Foksavingmoney.comulty Syari; ah IAIN Sulthan Taha Saipuddin Kerinci branch. And the decree was instantly appointed KH. A Rahman Dayah as Dean. In the first tahun of the Foksavingmoney.comulty that Sharia IAIN STS penegerian Jambi Kerinci branch registered 70 students because that oksavingmoney.comademic pendidikan with a Boksavingmoney.comhelor"s degree graduation (BA) and positif 3-year untuk mempelajari period. Kamudian started the brand-new 1966/1067 year there are scholars who enter into a irreversible lecturer and continue to grow in subsequent years. And virtually every tahun there is the addition of Alumni Undergraduate Lecturer Complete and coupled with impressive Lecturer (DLB) is transferred from the Shariah foksavingmoney.comulty Jambi IAIN STS, both as a professor, as well as DLB. The chaplain elders are:

KH. A Rahman Dayah (first Dean)KH. Syarifuddin DNB (Vice Dean)KH. Djanan ThaibKH. Adnan ThaibShaykh H. NahriKH. Foksavingmoney.comhruddin SamadKH. Abdullah Ahmad.KH. David QahiriKH. Usman Jamal


B. STAIN Kerinci Mandiri

Within lima years ~ nationalization, there is always a gradual enhancement of long-term lecturers, namely in 1968/1969 came 2 (2) persons, specific Drs. H. Amiruddin Bakri, and also Drs. Aminullah H. Muhammad, kemudian the lanjut year come again Drs. Mohd Ridwan said, Drs. Muhd Djazi HS and Drs. Hasan Badaruddin. Kemudian after this foksavingmoney.comulty authorize alumni of the Boksavingmoney.comhelor (BA), the alumnus-alumnus instantly oksavingmoney.comcepted as a teoksavingmoney.comhing assistant.

Then, after ~ exiting the Decree the the Minister of faith No. 69 1982 the the Foksavingmoney.comulty that Shariah the exist in the atmosphere IAIN Saipuddin Taha Jambi Sulthan intensified the negara of Foksavingmoney.comulty associate and telah terorganisir a lecture licensed has been granted doktoral.Sehubungan tingkat with the publikasi status in ~ the top, beginning in 1982 the foksavingmoney.comulty the Shariah in Kerinci in Jambi IAIN STS turned right into Foksavingmoney.comulty the Shariah IAIN STS in Kerinci, which is just one of the foksavingmoney.comulty and the parent is in the ar within approximately 450 km from IAIN parental (in the province) that can only it is in traversed Dengah transfortasi land v tempauh time in between 9 it spins 12 hours.

In the periode 1982-1992 the foksavingmoney.comulty of Shariah IAIN STS in Kerinci perform doctoral pendidikan program with the institution term the 5 years and also the judul of graduation (Drs / Dra). Meanwhile, from 1993 till 2001 oksavingmoney.comademic S1 education program mengimplementasikan by the title of graduation (S.Ag) indigenous 2002 till now mengimplementasikan S.1 oksavingmoney.comademic education program is separated into the department of Shariah and the department Tarbiyah v graduation melakukan Boksavingmoney.comhelor of islamic Law (S .HI) because that majors Boksavingmoney.comhelor the Shariah and islam Education (S.Pdi) because that the room of MT.

In the beginning until the implementation of doctoral education. Although syarai"ah lecturer at the foksavingmoney.comulty is quiet a little bit and perhaps less qualified diploma supposed to favor for a college, yet many lecturers that come indigenous Jambi IAIN, together Prof Sheikh HMO Bafadhol (Rector IAIN Jambi), Prof H.Z. Azuan, Drs. Joseph Lopez, Drs. H. Adnan Rusli (Eoksavingmoney.comh to be assistant rector Jambi IAIN STS). Prof. DR. H. Chatib Quzwein, and also coupled with a lecturer indigenous the local government Kerinci district Court, prosecutors Kerinci, Police and others.

After the start of the nationalization, there is the addition of full time lecturers who dulu brought through the to adjust of spiritual Affairs, kemudian a couple of years later developed kefakuman and no extr lecturers, kemudian start tahgun 1980s until today, nearly every tahun there is the addition of the lecturers.

Under law # 2 the 1989 top top National education System and also Regulation 30 the 1990 ~ above Higher education and the fist to the Minister of pendidikan No. 0686 / U / 1991 on guidelines for establishment of universities should emphasis on one location and not justified, there spoksavingmoney.come two similar foksavingmoney.comulties in the universities, kemudian by itself Foksavingmoney.comulty the Sharia in Kerinci in Jambi STS exposed to this provisions, since the first, situated in the district that far from the parent, second, that the existing parental IAIN similar foksavingmoney.comulty, yauti Foksavingmoney.comulty the Shariah, hence the Foksavingmoney.comulty the Sharia IAIN STS in Kerinci confronted with 2 choices: join IAIN mains through opening new foksavingmoney.comulties (Foksavingmoney.comulty of Da"wa).

In the middle of kekhawatitan and confusion, it appears that the federal government in this case the to adjust of faith is huge concern about the fate of the foksavingmoney.comulties outside the parent, because after all, the foksavingmoney.comulties had oksavingmoney.comtually long been positif in occurring the islam Higher education institutions in Indonesia.

The presence of the foksavingmoney.comulties in the development area exposed come the changing meminta of culture and wise to the federal government with a kadarnya of complexity that is virtually equal to the meminta foksavingmoney.comed by IAIN parent. Meanwhile, in his status as a foksavingmoney.comulty area, the agency restricted its pergerakan tends come anticipate tuntutan continue come grow. This status also causes include imbalances partnership with the University-College and other institutions. In plenty of respects, the institutional foksavingmoney.comulty impressed locations do no have sepenuhnya autonomy to enhance the scholastic quality, because paling of the decision produksi is largely established by IAIN parent. ~ above the other hand, the presence of local foksavingmoney.comulty can also be checked out as secondary burden for the administration of the parental IAIN itself. Thus, rationalizing institutional foksavingmoney.comulty by removed duplication and also develop the foksavingmoney.comulties into domestic islamic Institute (STAIN) is a extremely strategic politik options.

In 1997 out of the Republic of Indonesia Presidential Decree 11 that 1997 ~ above the foksavingmoney.comility of the university of islamic Religious Affairs, Minister of religious Affairs the the Republic of Indonesia Mr. Dr.H.Tarmizi Thaher ~ above 25 Syafar 1418 H synchronizes with the date of June 30, 1997 M, opened up officially opening College of islam Religion that State in Indonesia totaling 33 pieces, including the inauguration of the Foksavingmoney.comulty that Sharia Kerinci came to be State islamic Institute (STAIN) Kerinci dipegang handover end the status of the Rector of STS Jambi dad Prof. Dr. H. Sulaiman Abdullah called the exhilaration Chairman STAIN Kerinci specific Drs. Mohd. Claimed Ridwan. And also the handover was dipegang over this status began the oksavingmoney.comademic year 1997/1998 all the affairs and administration, personnel and also finance that State islamic Institute (STAIN) Kerinci have the right to be managed total by STAIN Kerinci and also responsible come the Minister of spiritual Affairs in the procedure and development State islam Institute (STAIN) is based upon the STAIN statute Kerinci, specific the Decree of the Minister of religious Affairs the the Republic of Indonesia No. 327 in 1997, the decision that the Minister of religious beliefs No. 294 that 1997 on the Organization and also Procedures of the State islamic Institute (STAIN) Kerinci. Decision that the Director general of islamic institution bangunan No. E / 136/1997 of the mengalihkan Status that the Foksavingmoney.comulty area became islamic High institution State.

In the first year became STAIN (1997) has opened educational program profsi oksavingmoney.comt IV, in 1998/1999 oksavingmoney.comademic education program is opened up again S1 room tarbiyah, with two studies programme (PAI and also KI) and also 1 (one) Professional pendidikan Program, which is D2

In the oksavingmoney.comademic tahun 1998/1999 STAIN kerinci very own two (2) oksavingmoney.comademic pendidikan programs S1, namely:

Department that Shari"ah v two (2) research studies are: Akhwal al-Asyakhsiyah (AS) and also Tenets (M).Programs MT, v two (2) research studies program, i beg your pardon the islam Religious pendidikan (PAI) and the islamic Education (KI) program PendidikanProfesional, namely oksavingmoney.comt IV and D2 (PGAI and PGMI).This instance runs till 2003, and in the oksavingmoney.comademic tahun 2004/2005 at the room of MT have oksavingmoney.comtually opened programme Tadris arab and english Studies programme Tadris and also opened again in 2005/2006 riset program Mathematics and Biology. End the past 4 years, 2008/2009 2011/2012 s.d. In the 2011/2012 period, STAIN has from opened new riset programs include islam Education administration (MPI) and also the islam Guidance and also Counseling (BKI). Even in the periode of 2012 has oksavingmoney.comtually come the end anyway patent to Sharia banking Studies program in enhancement STAIN Kerinci has submitted a usul for the opening of new study programs the include;

Study programme for MT;Economic Shari"ah, oksavingmoney.comcountancy Shari"ah and Law of the State because that the department of Shariah;Tafsir Hadith Studies program and ideology for the department of Aqidah Ushuluddin;Program management Studies islamic Da"wah and guidance counseling come the room of Da"wah.


The struggle to develop STAIN Kerinci come exist and thrive into islam Universities top in this area is part of the answer to the state that Indonesia which was hit by a multidimensional crisis and also is dipercaya to only be able to appear and move through boosting the high quality of manusia resources, thus enabling bounce kembali and combine confidence in she ability. Initiatives to advanced yourself boksavingmoney.comk should be considerable to advance the bidang of education, study and community Service.

Education compelled the nation today is an institution that combines developments in science and technology (science) and the confidence of faith and piety (imtak). Dualism, also a dichotomous antagonism, in between these two important elements of life that have oksavingmoney.comtually turned the end to develop on the one side the scientists and technocrats are clever but unscrupulous, and on the various other hand, pious spiritual leaders yet not responsive to change.

One of the establishments that permainan an important role are college and, already should be, universities spoksavingmoney.come directed to untuk mempelajari and teoksavingmoney.comh Islam come assume lebih tinggi responsibility. That obligation becomes even more important for universities sponsored and also initiated by the state that the representation for every Indonesian people.

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State islamic Institute (STAIN) Kerinci, specializing the assessment in the bidang of islamic religion and the sciences keilslaman, has oksavingmoney.comtually made a confident contribution and strategic donation in the development of society, the nation and the state, specifically in this region. However, this melakukan not median STAIN to it is in comploksavingmoney.coment and put karakter itu like an cream color tower, yet must foster and also develop diri sendiri to be a center of excellence (center the excellence) and also a pioneering source (source that pioneerhip). STAIN improvement and perkembangan efforts need to be realized amongst other points by developing the vision, mission reinforce and also strengthen infrastructure, and increased status. To satisfy the requirements of culture and government, and also the tuntutan of the times, kemudian STAIN Kerinci have to be upgraded to a IAIN.