PT. MERPATI mendidik CENTERCBD Green lake Sunter, Jl Danau Sunter Selatan N0.36 Unit.H, Sunter Agung, champa Utara-14350

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MERPATI pelatihan CENTER your AVIATION mendidik SOLUTION join US AND attain YOUR DREAMSOne step Closer come Success,We will overview You To find Your Destiny
E- Learning is one of the creation of System info for teaching and learning through online.that the students deserve to access pendidikan materials wherever this students are.

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Our training materials developed experts, ready-made in the world of occupational and carry out experience and skills that are really required at this the our student graduate into professional experts and also ready come use.

FAQ is the place to uncover answers to typically asked around the pelatihan course at our ar (MTC) for this reason that visitors to our website can find the answers that room needed

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Start v Us To fulfill Your desires Come True.And walk For Your kesuksesan From Now! execute Not Waste her Time, realize Your desires With Us. Because We are The finest Choise. " Merpati pendidikan Center "

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1.Abas NKS 198-6765 (FOO) Jakarta2.Nining NKS 273-4635390 (MPS) Surabaya3.David NKS 123-2198 (FA) Jogjakarta4.Hanum NKS 678-98709 (AS) Jakarta5.Keanu NKS 256-4325670 (MPS)Surabaya6.Heri NKS 345-65432 (MPS) Surabaya7.Denny NKS 1543-9876(FOO) Jogjakarta8.LUsi NKS 3876-65478 (AS) Surabaya9.Heni NKS 2983-6789 (FA) Jogjakarta10.Zaenal NKS 4876-87900 (MPS) Surabaya


Menjadi Lembaga pelatihan & pelatihan penerbangan pilihan utama di Indonesia


Kami bertekad karena memberikan mendidik dan pelatihan penerbangan terkini sehingga para pelanggan dapat menikmati dan merasakan pengalaman kegiatan praktek dan kerja penerbangan melalui penggunaan teknologi apa baru dan inovative.

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Flight security Training tengah (FSTC) kedudukan dari lima 1994 sebagai cikal bakal terbentuknya Merpati Training centre (MTC) yang diresmikan oleh menkes Perhubungan pada five 1995. MTC mencapai tujuan awal didirikan buat memfasilitasi kebutuhan training internal dari PT. Merpati Nusantara Airlines, akhirnya di five 1996 berkembang dulu business unit dari PT. Merpati Nusantara airlines dan didapatkan approval dari Direktorat Kelaikan Udara dan Pengoperasian pesawat terbang Udara (DKUPPU) buat mengoperasikan Simulator Fokker F27 & CN 235 noël hanya karena kebutuhan inner PT. Merpati Nusantara airline tapi juga untuk kebutuhan training perusahaan penerbangan lain yang mengoperasikan jenis pesawat tersebut.

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