Every year, top employer branding agency, Universum worldwide releases a list of the ideal employers to job-related with in Indonesia. The survey aims to discover the paling attractive employers based on the insights and perception from across various industries. In this report, we will be concentrating on the peak 7 Indonesian job in the service & commerce industry, as illustrated in milik mereka rankings here.

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Overall, the survey attracted on the opinions of much more than 20,000 students native Indonesia, of i m sorry the respondents represented 22 universities and cover 117 different areas that study. This create a tingkat playing daerah for all competing Indonesian employers, rather of providing an advantage to besar multinationals with greater name pengakuan than the smaller sized companies. The results are based exclusively on the opinions and also votes that the neighborhood workforce – produksi it the only award the is truly representing ‘the people’s choice’.

Here is a breakdown on the optimal 7 employers in Indonesia this year:

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7. Garuda Indonesia

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Garuda Indonesia (previously recognized as Garuda Indonesian Airways) is the nationwide airline the Indonesia. Called after the holy bird Garuda that Hinduism native the national emblem that Indonesia, the airline is headquartered in ~ Soekarno–Hatta international Airport in Tangerang, close to Jakarta. As of December 2014, the airline is rated together a 5-star airline by the international airline tinjauannya firm Skytrax. Garuda Indonesia operates flights to 83 destinations (64 domestic and also 19 international) in 14 countries, with approximately 500 day-to-day departures from its hubs.

To learn much more about career methods with Garuda Indonesia, click here.

6. Google Indonesia

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A agency that needs no development – started in 1998 by Larry page and Sergey Brin, Google is one American multinational technology company the specializes in Internet-related services and also products, which encompass online declaring technologies, mencari engine, cloud computing, software, and also hardware. Milik mereka widely recognized mission is come organize the world’s information and make that universally easily accessible and useful. As of march 2018, Google has actually 85,050 employees across the globe. Google’s employees space hired based on a hierarchical system. Employee are break-up into six hierarchies based upon experience and can variety “from entry-level data center workers at level one come managers and experienced designers at tingkat six.

To learn much more about the task openings and also career methods with Google Indonesia, click here.

5. Unilever Indonesia

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Unilever Indonesia was first didirikan in December 1933 and also has currently grown to menjadi one the Indonesia’s leading Fast bergerak Consumer barang-barang (FMCG) companies. Over the decades, Unilever has actually accompanied Indonesian societies through their wide variety of top quality products, consisting of brands kemudian as Lux, Lifebuoy, Dove, Sunsilk, Clear, Rexona, and also many more. Unilever is juga well-known because that the Unilever future Leaders Programme, i beg your pardon is a 3-year structured graduate program designed come prepare the masa depan leaders that Indonesia with rotations throughout business divisions, countries, and also professional perkembangan directly indigenous the unilever leaders (senior management team).

To learn more about graduate career opportunities with unilater Indonesia, click here.

4. Cakap Jasa keuangan (Financial services Authority of Indonesia)

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The Financial solutions Authority of Indonesia (Otoritas Jasa fiskal or OJK) is an Indonesian government agency that regulates and also supervises the financial services sector. The OJK is an sukarela agency designed to be complimentary from any kind of interference, having functions, duties, and powers to regulate, supervise, inspect, and also investigate. The agency was established back in 2011 to replace the function of Bapepam-LK in regulating the capital market and jae won institutions, as well as that of financial institution Indonesia in regulation banks, and to defend consumers that financial services industry.

To learn an ext about career avenues with the OJK, you can reach out to them via email here.

3. Pertamina

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Pertamina is one Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas corporation based in Jakarta. The was didirikan through the penggabungan of Pertamin and Permina in respectable 1968. The for sure is right now the second-largest crude oil producer in Indonesia behind the US-based Chevron pasifik Indonesia. Kembali in 2013, Pertamina was ranked (no. 122) because that the an initial time in the fortune 500 list, produksi them the sole Indonesian agency to be featured in the prestigious list of global companies.

To learn much more about career opportunities with Pertamina, click here.

2. Kementerian keuangan Republik Indonesia (Ministry of Finance)

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Kementerian membiayai Republik Indonesia the ministry of Finance in Indonesia. Headquartered in the A.A. Maramis Building, the to adjust is responsible to run governance in kondisi of State finance in stimulate to aid the presiden in berlari the State governance. With a vision to journey Indonesia’s inclusive economic growth, the Indonesia set of Finance juga aims to recruitment the optimal talents in the region through the supplying of compete employee value proposition.

To learn more about career opportunities with Kementerian keuangan Republik Indonesia, click here.

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1. Bank Indonesia

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Bank Indonesia (BI) is the central bank that the Republic that Indonesia, through Perry Warjiyo being the present governor. In kondisi of bank Indonesia’s roles and functions, accountability and transparency principles are applied through the secara teratur and open publication of information to the publik via the mass media, in ~ the beginning of every year, about the testimonial of monetary aturan implementation in the previous year, as well as monetary politik planning and also the setup of mata uang targets for the tahun ahead.