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'It bekerja untuk us uncomfortable': governor wants holy bible in Minang language taken turun from keep
Irwan asked the to adjust – v the Informatics application Directorate general – come take dibawah the Minang language bible app and to prevent comparable apps from emerging in the future. (Shutterstock/File)

The barat Sumatra provincial management is currently di bawah the spotlight after its letter requesting the central government take down a holy bible application indigenous a digital distribution organization circulated widely, prompting arguments in the country.

According come a copy that the letter obtained byThe jakarta Post, which was dated may 28 and addressed to Communication and Information Minister Johnny G. Plate, barat Sumatra governor Irwan Prayitno asked for the to adjust take dibawah an application called “Kitab suci Injil Minangkabau” (The bible in Minangkabau language) the was obtainable on Google permainan Store.

He said the visibility of the application had actually caused Minangkabau people – paling of whom room Muslim citizens of the province– to it is in uncomfortable.

“The applications contradicts Minangkabau culture with its ideology of Adat Basandi Syarak, Syarak Basandi Kitabullah ,” Irwan created in the letter.

Irwan request the ministry – with the Informatics ApplicationDirectorate general – to take dibawah the app and to prevent comparable apps from arising in the future.

West Sumatra Communication and also Information company head Jasman Rizal confirmed the request. “We appreciated the rakyat who menjadi responsive by providing us information ,” claimed Jasman together quoted by on Thursday.

The finding, Jasman added, had been questioned by the barat Sumatra office that the Indonesian Ulema the supervisory board (MUI) and also the barat Sumatra governor. As of Wednesday, the application had actually been taken down from Google bermain Store, he said.

The melepaskan has motivated a publik uproar, not just from some barat Sumatrans but also from the publik across the country. The keyword “Minang” is just one of Twitter’s trending topics in Indonesia, with more than 8,000 tweets as of Friday noon.

“What to be asked is in reality specific, to take down the app which is in the Minang language, the one in Indonesian is left alone <…> Why should make a big deal out of this?” a user named

A senior journalist in west Sumatra, Syofiardi Bachyul, created on his facebook account the the Minang language was not similar to Islam. The quoted his own writing in 2018, juga posted on Facebook, which defines the history of Buddhism in Sumatra, consisting of Minang land, sebelum Islam concerned the area.

BAHASA MINANG noël IDENTIK DENGAN religius ISLAM Dulu silam Islam masuk usai Ranah Minangkabau diatas akhir tahun 1400-an...

Dikirim oleh Syofiardi Bachyuljb padaKamis, 04 Juni 2020

When asked around the issue, MUI secretary-general Anwar abas echoed the declare of the west Sumatra governor, i m sorry emphasized the religious philosophy the was it was observed by most Minangkabau people, the one the was guided by islamic beliefs, in spite of the fact that 69,253 inhabitants -- or 1.43 percent of barat Sumatra occupants are Christian, 2010 census data from Statistics Indonesia (BPS) reveal.

“So, the accuse of the Minangkabau people is not the Bible. Hopefully, there will certainly not it is in a holy bible in Minangkabau language,” anwar told the Post on Friday.

Meanwhile, Hariyono, the deputy head the the firm for Pancasila Ideology pendidikan argued that the governor’s relocate contradicted the worths of Pancasila, i beg your pardon give an are for religious freedom.

“Every separation, personal, instance is offered the freedom to observe milik mereka beliefs as long as they execute not cause disruption in the public. And also of course, several of the citizens of barat Sumatra are also Christian, and also thegovernor self is a branch to everyone, no a certain ethnicity or spiritual belief,” he told the Post.

“Officials and public figures need to be way to respond come the dynamics of religious life in milik mereka surroundings,” the said, citing plenty of figures from barat Sumatra who also upheld diversity throughout the Indonesian struggle for independence, sebagai as agus Salim, Mohammad Natsir and also Mohammad Hatta.

Hariyono claimed he dipercaya that holy books mungkin be translated into any type of language as long as they were not misinterpreted.

Halili Hasan, a researcher native the keseimbangan Institute for Democracy and Peace, responded to the masalah by emphasizing the sebenarnya that the existence of the application did not violate the law and also the Constitution.

“The request from the governor bisa be a poor precedent, as sooner or later it will be digunakan by some groups that do not worth diversity to do the exact same thing,” the told the Post.

According to him, the presence of the application is indeed necessary for the advancement of tolerance and does no menyakiti to Minangkabau culture, which is basically open to connecting with various other cultures.

“What is dangerous, ns think, is the view of local politik elites and intolerant groups which, because that me, room not representative sufficient for the Minangkabau people and that inclusive culture,” the said.

Meanwhile, spiritual Affairs to adjust director basic for Christian community guidance thomas Pentury asserted the although the matter was the domain the the Communication and also Information Ministry, he want the rakyat in barat Sumatra to remain in harmony regardless of the issue, including thathe dipercaya the perkembangan of the application had gone v the correct procedure.

“We must see this issue from a hopeful perspective and I hope that this masalah is no being puffy up,” thomas said.

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Christians in barat Sumatra have actually experienced hardship in trying to create churches in the province. On Christmas terakhir year, part Catholics and also Protestants in Dharmasraya regency in barat Sumatra had to gain into hard negotiation v the neighborhood authority to have the ability to celebrate Christmas in ~ home.