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Love sầu this show! We now watch this for our Friday movie with the kids. My 8 year old loves seeing how our human race survived, và it brings on much discussion about things that we now take for granted!

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Fascinating if sketchy look at our progress through the evolutionary process. I wish there were going khổng lồ be more episodes.
Two people. Man & woman. Archaeologist and survival expert. Both of them in the savannas of Africa demonstrating for us the reality of human evolution. From the very first human, Homo Habilis - a human who had not discovered fire - we see that cooperation must be part of automatic duty of those who survive sầu.I have sầu never seen this so clearly demonstrated. When humans were the hunted prey, cooperation for finding water and high caloric food was necessary for those individuals to lớn survive. There was no other way. I cannot wait to see the next episode on Homo Erectus!Cat & Bill bởi a great job!
Watched the on-dem& version.I love sầu survival shows & figured I would give sầu this one a shot and watched the whole season. I think the premise interesting - the two survivalists have sầu goals khổng lồ accomplish in every episode, but these goals can only be accomplished based on the knowledge available to lớn early man at each evolutional stage. For example, on the first episode you can only use trees as shelter & scavenge what was left off of other animals" kills. As you progress through the evolutionary stage - you are able to lớn vì chưng more, develop different tools, & eventually go from hunted khổng lồ hunter. They were also thrown inkhổng lồ different locations khổng lồ spice things up và lớn highlight the different environments early men had lớn go through.What worked: Tool explanations & creations - it was interesting lớn see how early tools were made, as the survivalists had to create them.What didn"t work: Information was too thin. There is too many holes in evolutionary theory, but I feel lượt thích National Geographic could have sầu pulled a bit more information & talk about other conjectures such as early signs of art, religion, the role of women và men etc. It gave me an impression that all that people were doing (100% of the time) were looking for food, eating và dying. In reality, I think that there is more to lớn survival than just food, shelter và water. There is a need lớn have sầu a place, to lớn feel belonging. These things are also passed down khổng lồ us in our DNA - but where did they come from? Who was the first evolutionary man to lớn give sầu a damn about himself & his people? Or to lớn look up the skies và wonder? To bury his own? Bottom line, at what point did we go from animals lớn a human, with a human"s curiosity and questioning?For example, there was one episode where they had to lớn migrate from one location khổng lồ another with domesticated animals, because humans had reach the "husbandry age," & one of the survivadanh sách mentioned time and time again how these animals were "our currency." So that suggested (at least lớn me) that there was culture of trade, of barter. None of that was mentioned.Also, they made tools. But at every episode they sported a different set of clothing - và no mention how clothing was made. It is also important to lớn mention that these guys were thrown off inkhổng lồ a different environment with 5 days lớn survive sầu, whereas early men would have sầu had years & years lớn get accustomed khổng lồ a landscape.A couple of things were also clearly thiết lập - you can tell that an animal just magically appears for them lớn hunt it, và it always ends up successful. It"s kindomain authority weird. Plus the two people somehow always look well fed and generally okay. When you take Les Stroud (Survivorman) or Dual Survival & you compare it to lớn these two - you get a more brainy (but no less fake) Man vs. Wild.I also think it would have been better with a group of people. Early men, và in reality ALL stages of human beings are social beings. We are pachồng creatures whether we lượt thích lớn admit it or not, and we don"t vày well on our own.